I’m typing from my bedroom while a peaceful piano music is playing in the background. I don’t hide the fact that I’m feeling excited about this blog; as you can read from the title, I’m not a completely stranger from the blogging world. I was used to keep a blog when I was 14, almost ten years ago! I was really into technology at those times so I tried to share my passion for makeup through blogging…but I gave up after two months 🙊 it was more curiosity than something else. However, I started another blog on Blogging when I was 17 and that time I felt like unstoppable and ready to break into the fashion blogging ! I was used to write about fashion (one of my biggest passion when I was a teen) and I did well ! But still, I was very busy with my high school studies so I had to quit my blog…and I stopped everything until today 😊

I believe that now it’s going to be different since I’m not a teen anymore and I’m more aware about my choices. I’ve decided to focus deeply on makeup and I’m going to try to deal with skin and hair care in the upcoming posts !

I feel I can share my makeup tutorials and tips after ten years of practice and (epic) fails ; I’ve spent so much time watching YouTube tutorials togheter with improving makeup technics on myself and on my friends! I was (and I am currently lol) a makeup addicted…I’m that kind of woman who spends a lot of time testing what colours and styles look better than others….and after many researchers and tests on myself, I found finally the right products for me ! So I will be more than glad to help other girls and millennials to offer tips about the cosmetics world ♥️ This blog will give a particular attention to cheap and reliable beauty products along with tips such as having a great look with what we have in our trousse already!

I will share three posts per week about makeup looks , from the more common ones to the most unusual looks (as drug queen make up) 😊

Furthermore, I will publish a post dedicated to different types of makeup in different part of the world , once per week 😁

I would like to offer tips about the maintenance of long hair and skincare, especially for oily/ combined skin ( I’ve got acne since a looong time!). However, I don’t want to be too overwhelming so I’m going to start with makeup first 😀

Last but not least: I want to stress the fact that I am NOT a makeup artist or beautician, I’m just a 22 years old girl who is deeply passionated about cosmetics and beauty! I’m going to attend the Teacher Training education at the university this September, so please see this blog like something fun as I do 😊 Secondly, English is not my native language (I’m Italian) but I’m aware that my English has improved a lot during these years and this blog will contribute to get it even better ☝️

Kisses from the Netherlands 💋