• Rare Beauty launched on April 2022 a $29 tinted moisturizer that’s sold in 24 shades.
  • I tried the product and loved its light coverage, hydrating formula, and glowing finish.
  • It also helped me embrace my acne and redness, which I often try to hide with concealer and powder

Like many millennials, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on social media for different reasons. Partially for entertainment, relaxation, and to find trending products to blog about and boost my traffic. So, I’ve unconsciously been taking notes of those viral TikTok products. Naturally, this is how I heard about Rare Beauty. First, it was that highly pigmented Soft Pinch Liquid Blush which I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid any longer. Then it was the Positively Light Tinted Moisturizer. The more I saw the skin-like finish across various skin tones, the more I was interested.

The brand describes its moisturizer as “no-makeup makeup in a bottle.” It’s said to be hydrating, lightweight, and protective thanks to the infused SPF 20 sunscreen. It also promises to provide “glowing, light to medium coverage” with a blurring effect.

Rare Beauty recommends shaking the bottle before using it and applying the product to the skin with either your fingers, a sponge, or a brush.

Rare Beauty’s Positive Light tinted moisturizer in the shade 26w.

I applied the moisturizer with my fingers, and it blended into my skin instantly. The pores across my cheeks looked blurred, and their redness became less pronounced. Even the glow effect is impressive-my skin instantly looked radiant and healthy after applying the product.

Surprisingly, I also loved how this moisturizer didn’t entirely conceal my natural skin. The texture on my cheeks and chin was still visible, and some pores around my nose poked through.

I love the glow of this product and its light coverage

What Skin Type Can Use This Product?

I’ve watched a lot of reviews that say the Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer is better suited for people with a combination to dry skin. I have dry dehydrated skin, but I’m honestly not expecting miracles from this 30ml bottle. Did it dry out my skin? Definitely not. It felt slightly hydrating. Did it give me a matte finish? Not at all. However, I would recommend finding reviews of people who have the exact skin type as you before making a choice.

While wearing the product, I truly felt more confident and happy in my own skin

I’ve been wearing full-coverage foundation with concealer on top for at these past seven years, but now I feel it’s the right time to break this habit. It’s been five days, and I’ve mostly just worn it without other makeup — except when I needed to add some extra coverage to my breakouts for special night-out occasions.

That said, I don’t think this product will be my go-to for light makeup days: I am still considering if a BB cream with spf would be more wearable for my everyday- life.

Still, there were so many times when trying this product that I looked in the mirror and felt light. There was no weight of a heavy foundation, and I was actually happy to see my natural skin texture poking through. As a result, I was reminded that base makeup-like foundation should enhance your skin — not hide it.

In my experience, foundation has always been a necessity for going out. With products like this one on the market, I now feel like that doesn’t always have to be the first option when I want to wear makeup but keep it more low-key.